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Just Call Me Soccer Mom

Apr 12, 2011   //   by Christy   //   OurBlogs  //  1 Comment

Not long ago we mentioned that we signed some of our kids up for soccer. I told one of my single, childless friends this and said, “Apparently I’m a soccer mom now” to which she replied, “Hmmm, how cliche.” (sigh) Truly it is, and I typically strive to stay away from mommy stereotypes. What I […]

Twi-Moms: They’re Everywhere…Including This Blog (GASP)!

Mar 9, 2011   //   by Lyn   //   OurBlogs  //  1 Comment

  So fellow At Wits End moms, Christy, Jen & I, decided to put our older kids in soccer recently…it always sounds good during registration, not so much when you are on the sidelines freezing to death (for the love of God, Spring, where are you)! Jen’s daughter Mary ended up on a separate team, […]

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