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Play dates don’t have to be about the kids, they should be about the moms!

Oct 10, 2010   //   by Christy   //   OurBlogs  //  Comments Off

Ok, so it wasn’t always about the moms.  When it all started it was for the kids benefit as much as our own, but then it grew into oh so much more.  Jen and I got to know each other talking at drop off or pick up and then decided to start doing Monday play dates, as the kids were only in school Tuesday through Thursday.  Then a brilliant idea was born.  Why not have an adult play date while the kids are in school?  Now, we still weren’t completely kid free, but the little ones were still young enough that they pretty much didn’t have a clue what was going on anyways, so it worked out.  So what should we do for an adult play date?  We only had three hours, so it wasn’t much time to play with.  We finally decided to get dressed up, drink an alcoholic beverage and watch an adult movie…no not porn…get your heads out of the gutter people!  I just mean a movie that adults enjoy that we wouldn’t usually watch with children, meaning nothing animated or with talking animals in it.  We decided on the perfect first date, which we would eventually come to call mommy movie mornings, consisting of mimosas and the sex and the city movie.  It was heavenly.  It was so adult.  Now, there was one other mommy we were considering including in our gatherings, but let’s be honest, you can’t just choose anyone for this kind of get together…especially at a Baptist preschool.  Jen and I decided to feel her out.  My oldest daughter was getting ready to have a birthday, so we figured there would be no better time to get to know Lyn outside of preschool.  The party was in full swing and we were sitting in the backyard watching the kids in the bounce house when Jen, none too subtly, blurts out, “So do you drink?”  Lyn gave an immediate yes.  Ok, that was a good sign; there was no hesitation there.  So I follow up with, “Well, should we have one now?”  We were in the middle of a children’s party mind you, so the answer to this was crucial.  “Sure, why not?!” Lyn answers.  Yes!  That’s the kind of flexibility we’d been hoping for!  Over drinks, Jen and I briefed Lyn on our mommy movie mornings, as well as the occasional mommy hot tub night, to which Lyn replied, “Wow, you guys are the best friends ever!”  And so, another kindred spirit was found. 

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