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Holiday Bliss…Not Quite

Dec 21, 2010   //   by Christy   //   OurBlogs  //  Comments Off

So, I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies last night, Scrooge with Albert Finney. That’s the musical one and there are wonderful songs on it, many of which I catch myself singing throughout the year. Last night after I climbed into bed, I felt my toes tapping and paid attention to which song was running through my head. It was the song I hate people. A couple of lines are “I hate people, I detest them, I deplore them when I think of insolent masses sitting on their indolent asses I hate people.”  Hmmmm, apparently my unconscious is trying to tell me something. I admit I have been feeling a bit stressed due to getting a late start (vacation set back) on my holiday decorating etc. I was outside putting blowup things in the yard yesterday in freezing temperatures…I was NOT in the Christmas spirit and was at my wits end. Plus I have Grace crying everytime we get a new package in the mail and Anne’s present is bigger than hers and Anne crying because I won’t let her open the presents the minute we remove them from the box they are delivered in.  They outgrow this right? In the mean time I guess I’ll bundle up more to go outside and make sure I have my headphones on with cheery Christmas music blaring everytime a package arrives. That should do it…positive thinking and not hating people, a good first step to Christmas bliss!

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